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Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Recognizing the signs that you may need a root canal can save you from unnecessary suffering. If one or more of these signs and symptoms sound familiar, it's time to schedule an appointment with your dentists at Mapledale Family Dentistry in Woodbridge, VA.

Aches and Pains

Tooth pain is a clear sign that something's not quite right with your tooth. Although it's impossible to tell if your pain is caused by tooth decay or something more serious, a visit to your Woodbridge dentists can help you determine why you have pain.

Pain often occurs if you have an infection or inflammation in your tooth pulp. The soft mass of nerves, blood vessels and tissues is located in the center of your tooth and protected by the harder dentin and enamel layers.

Initially, pain caused by an inflammation or infection may be mild and might not be constant. If you don't see your dentist when you first experience any ache in your tooth, the pain may increase, making it hard to ignore.

Your symptoms may worsen when you chew or press on your tooth. Temperature changes don't affect healthy teeth but may cause sensitivity in inflamed or infected teeth. If eating or drinking hot, cold or sugary foods and drinks intensify your pain, you may need a root canal.

Visible Changes

Inflammations sometimes cause obvious changes in your tooth or gum. You may need root canal therapy if your tooth darkens or the gum around your painful tooth becomes red and puffy.

Bacterial Abscess Symptoms

A bacterial abscess can cause severe, throbbing pain in your tooth and jaw. Other signs to look for include fever, facial swelling around your jaw, swollen lymph nodes, and pus or a pimple on the gum surrounding your tooth. Abscesses are dental emergencies and require prompt treatment.


You may also need a root canal if you injure your tooth. Contact your dentist right away if your tooth is damaged, loosened or knocked out due to a fall, accident or blow to the face.

How root canal therapy helps you

Root canal therapy ends your pain by replacing your pulp with a durable filling and protective crown. The procedure can help you avoid tooth loss and keep your smile full and healthy.

Could inflammation or infection be responsible for your symptoms? The dental team at Mapledale Family Dentistry can diagnose the source of your pain and perform a root canal if necessary. Offering convenient hours at their Woodbridge, VA, office, your dentists are here to help you protect your smile. Call them at (703) 580-9900 to schedule an appointment.

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