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How Orthodontics Improve Oral Health

Orthodontic treatment from your orthodontist in Woodbridge, VA, can give you a healthier smile

Orthodontics will give you a straighter smile, and a healthier smile too! Orthodontic treatment can help you and your smile in many ways, including making your smile easier to keep clean. A clean smile means a healthy smile.

The dentists and orthodontists at Mapledale Family Dentistry in Woodbridge, VA, offer a wide range of general dentistry and dental specialty services, including orthodontic treatment to give you a healthier smile.

When you choose orthodontic treatment to straighten your smile, you may just be thinking about how great you will look. It’s true, a straight smile is a boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence, but it’s much more than that.

Orthodontic treatment improves your oral health, and a healthy mouth lowers your risk of serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease. So, let’s take a quick look at how orthodontics improves your oral health. When you have a straight smile, you will:

  • Have a smile that is much easier to brush and floss; you will be able to floss without catching the floss in between your teeth, and when you brush, all the surfaces of your teeth will be easy to reach.
  • Have a bite that is perfect; a perfect bite means less wear-and-tear on your teeth, with less chipping, cracking, and breaking tooth structure. That means less chance of you needing restorations including fillings and dental crowns.
  • Have jaws that are less stressed; your teeth will come together properly, which means less jaw and facial stress. Less stress on your jaws means less chance of developing painful temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, like jaw pain, headaches, and earaches.

Orthodontics can give you a straight, beautiful smile, and many other benefits too. To learn more about how orthodontic treatment can improve your oral health, talk with the experts by calling the dentists and orthodontists at Mapledale Family Dentistry in Woodbridge, VA. You can reach them at (703) 580-9900, so call today!

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